hidden bar

by nullstellen laboratory in Athens, GR – 2013

design team: Chrysanthi Asproulopoulou, Tassos Govatsos

photos: Kostis Sinanidis


The unbuilt spaces (a.k.a. akaliptos) in the middle of the athenian urban blocks are usually secondary communal spaces that nobody cares. In most cases there is no greenery and people use it as secondary storage or mechanical spaces.

In a case like this, we were asked to propose an open-air leisure space, where you could drink your coffee during the day or your cocktails later at night, away from the busy streets of central Athens.

The idea was to create an open space, which could be transformed from day to night according to your needs. By using a module (0.50×1.00×0.50), there is no need for any other furniture while at the same time, there are so many different combinations to transform the whole space.

The use of different recycled materials let as stay in a low-budget, as well as gave us interesting textures and patterns for a monochromatic approach.

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